Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Progress & a Girl Scout Musing

So I have been making some progress on my latest project. Sometimes I wonder if my progress is related to stitching ambition or the fact that my TUSAL jar is so empty. (Guess it really doesn't matter?) 

Here is something to muse about.....Why is it that January, when every woman and some men are striving to lose weight, Girl Scout Cookies go on sale? This is the main fund raiser for the Girl Scouts, wouldn't it make more sense to do this several weeks after New Years Resolutions? Well, having a GS Brownie I know that cookies go on sale next week. We pick up our pre-orders tomorrow....DARN those Thin Mints!!!! Even in the freezer I know they are there, calling my name! 

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Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...

Great progress on your Thanksgiving piece. And I love the little Christmas Bear in your slide show.

Our local Girl Scouts start selling cookies during Lent when everyone has just spent the last 8 weeks eating king cake and given up for sweets for Lent (the next 6 weeks)! ;) Timing is everything!

Nicola said...

That's funny! I thought all GS sold at the same time! Maybe the GS of the Northern States have got the timing better than us?

Ziggyeor said...

Yes I was about to say the same thing as Stephanie. We always sold around this time and then they came in during Lent when you couldn't eat them!
Good progress!