Sunday, January 25, 2009

My first SAL (stitch a long)

In early 2008, I came across a crosstitch blog by a French designer, Marsye. (You will find her site under my favorite blogs.) She was creating a Sampler SAL. Each month she would design a row until all the letters of the alphabet were completed. This was an ambitious project but I was intrigued. I did change it up a bit as she left out the "W" in her design. (Was that a jab at American politics? Who could blame her!!!) I have yet to frame it, keep checking back!

Along came Katarina

So baby girl #2 was already born and I was still working on Romi's announcement. I needed an announcement I could stitch quickly as I was a little burned out. I choose a Sisters & Best Friends design. This announcement invigorated me as I experienced immediate gratification. Katarina's announcement was much simpler but I think turned out cute as well!

A four year task

In the Fall of 2002 I begun my first large project. I was pregnant with our 1st child and wanted to create an announcement for the nursery. We did not know the sex of our baby and I choose a DMC pattern that I thought could swing both ways. Lucky for us the baby was a girl, the design looks quite feminine. She, Romi, was a handful and I became lazy with my stitching. Four years later it was done and baby girl number two was already born!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My first ever...

This weblog is my first attempt. In the upcoming days, I will upload my current stitching projects, those finished and works in progress. My goal is to create a virtual diary of my my artwork and create an online community for support and fun! Keep checking back, my down time is limited...... I am a full time working mom with two small girls!

Nicola, Allandale Neighborhood, Austin Texas