Monday, May 24, 2010

Pine Mountain Pull-out

So in the last week I have purchased materials to begin my stretching of my last finish. I plan to begin the process tomorrow. Hence no pictures of Babys World yet.

As a new project I have began a Pine Mountain Designs Pre-Sewn Pillow Kit. Has anyone done one of these? They are so very pretty and most of these are a month to month design. I purchased March because the colors match my comforter. I plan to change the words to state "Home" instead of March. Here is the picture the kit came with. Why you ask am I not showing you my work? Well....the pull out that is in progress. The instructions indicate please stitch with 3 ply floss....and I was not paying attention and stitched with 6 ply floss. Has anyone done this? It really looks very messy and way too thick. That's what I get for trying to stitch in the car again! :(

Maybe I'll have a new picture for you with my next TUSAL post. Until next time!       

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Books, The Office and a finish!

Well, I guess all stitchers take a hiatus. I just needed to take a break from my stitching for a few weeks. During that time I finished Voyager and Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon and have caught up through season four of The Office.
Let me start by saying I love the books by Diana Gabaldon. Voyager has been my favorite in the Highlander Saga. I have started on the 5th book, but am taking a short break from her books as well! (maybe there is a pattern to my madness?) Jamie and Claire, the main characters, will be there when I'm ready to pick them up again!
Now for The Office, this show is so very funny! The characters seem to be extreme but I would bet that everyone has known an incompitant boss in their time! The fun in watching the show is that you feel like a fly on the wall watching their interactions. I love how it is filmed as a mockumentary. The interviews with the employees and the facial expressions make the show! Yeah for reruns on TBS....anyone heard the rumor that Blockbuster has filed for bankrupsy?

Finally my finish....Baby's World by Brody Broda of France. Baby Tristan was born to my cousin a few weeks ago in Seattle. His middle name his her maiden, I think McCoy sounds great as middle name! I have envisioned a pretty purple wood stained frame and some thick batting for a finish. As I have posted before I am looking for a new framer. I tried a new shop who gave me a price estimate of $176 for framing this, no glass included. They did not get my business. I have decided to try to frame it myself. I have found a few sites on line to help with my new project and have planned a trip to my local craft store for Tuesday, my next day off. Wish me luck, I hope not to screw it up! Any advice would be appreciated!