Monday, March 29, 2010

The one who didn't get away! (until we threw her back)

Girl Scout Camp on Lake LBJ in Marble Falls, Texas! Romi caught two fish this morning. This was her big one, per the guide it was a 9 inch Bass. I have no idea but know it did look different than her perch. She was sure proud, talked about it all day, but wouldn't touch the fish! And wouldn't bait her hook either. Mom had to put on a brave face and do it for her. I inwardly was very squeamish but trying to act like it was not a big deal! The things we do for our kids! Camp was a lot of fun, sleep deprived but fed well and the weather was great! The day was wrapped up with campfire, smores, song, stars and a large Diet Coke for the drive home!
As for my stitching I have been moving along. Almost done with the birth sampler. It is cute but has not been very satisfying to stitch. I think I prefer more color changes. Maybe I should have tried it with hand over-dyed  floss? The more I stitch the more picky I become? I suppose this is normal! Have a wonderful week! Next post I'll have some pictures of the Texas Bluebonnets for you. We are in for a fabulous wildflower season this year!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember the Alamo and more!

Well Spring Break has come and gone. We were blessed to have beautiful weather here in Central Texas. We spent Friday and Saturday in San Antonio with what felt like the rest of the Texas Tourists! I have never seen San Antonio so busy. We actually waited 50 minutes in line to get into the Alamo...and no they were not checking bags! But daughter #1 had just had a Texas History lesson and she just had to see the Alamo, 1st hand! Once inside the walls (built in 1744) we were happy we waited! There is so much to see, lots of artifacts and "History Buffs" recreating the story.  You just don't see such old architecture in the southern states!
As for my stitching, it suffered. Not much time to stitch when one is entertaining 2 kiddos with a week off from school. I did get a little done at night but not as much as I would have liked. I need to light a fire under myself as the baby is just weeks away! Enjoy your week. Here's wishing you blue skies, rain at night and sprouts in your garden! And of course and extra hour here and there to stitch!  

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Maddness of March

Well it has been too long since my last post, where should I begin? March started of with a bang in regards to kid activities. There have been soccer games, the celebration of my oldest's 7th birthday, a meet and greet with a childrens' author (Mary Pope Osbourne of the Majic Treehouse Books), Sports Day (see the beautiful Spring Day pic to the right), playdates and now Spring Break. The girls have been keeping me busy. Did I mention I started a new job 6 weeks ago? The new job is beginning to jive. I am working at an outpatient surgery center getting both kids and adults ready for surgery. Lots of IV starts and cocktails of ....the GOOD stuff. So this adds early mornings to my routine. 0600 am work arrivals to be specific, the alarm goes off at 0440 which about killed me on the Monday after Daylight Savings. Well, thats my March so far! Up next this week.....the San Antonio Zoo, The Alamo and the Texas Memorial Museum. I mentioned Spring Break, right?

As far as stitching I have 2 pics for ya'll today. The 1st one is my latest project from Brodi Broda. It is a birth sampler for my cousin's little one in the oven. The little peanut is to be born late April in Seattle, Washington. We know he's a boy but name is to be determined. #2 is my TUSAL which was do on the  Ides of March. The container is beginning to fill but still slow in comparison to most! Enjoy and Happy Saint Patricks Day, hope you have your green on!