Monday, January 31, 2011

Look what the postman dropped off...

What a wonderful treat to see a package sitting on my doorstep this weekend! Emily packaged up the most lovely "giveaway" with a bit of a Floridian touch! I am so looking forward to opening up the cross stitch material this evening when the kids go down! The chocolates were opened IMMEDIATELY....many, many thank yous Emily! The Rayon DMC threads are new to me, can anyone tell me if I need to do anything different when I stitch with them? They look like they might fray easily?

Anyway, DH is home from Japan. It has been a long 2 plus weeks. I'll post later this week with my 1st finish of the year and my TUSAL update!

Ta-Ta  for now! 

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Crystal said...

Lucky you, enjoy your goodies.

Blu Stitcher said...

That's a great box. WTG