Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TUSAL update and ACLS

Well I'm late again in posting my TUSAL update. I have been busy with nursing studies. I am taking ACLS, which is short for Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support. This is an advanced CPR course for healthcare professionals. I have taken it before but I let my certification expire and now it's back to the books for an intense 2 day course and exams.  The exams are both written and oral, the oral part is what is scary...done in front of your entire group and all will know if you fail! So as I post my latest picture, know that I am also procrastinating! Wish me luck...and a good nights sleep to all!


Elaine said...

Hope your course goes well, good luck!

Amy said...

Prayers for you.

Worked at the hospital back in Ohio before my daughter was born. I was a secretary. Have lots of respect for nurses.

Have a blessed day.

Karyn said...

Gorgeous picture! I love how you arranged it all, I gotta get more creative!

Hope your class is going well, I remember those ACLS days....I was CCRN many moons ago. You'll do fine in the 2 day.


PS: As I am writing this I am hoping that you are safe and well :) Let you bloggie sisters know ;)

Nicola said...

It's nice to see other RN Stitchers out there! Class is done and I (sigh) am relieved! The paper card seems so trivial compared to the course! I won't let ACLS expire again! Thanks for everyone's well wishes!

Karyn said...

I totally remember all the fear surrounding running the mock code at the end of class, and they would throw in all those is funny isn't it what we go through for a little plastic card. It's been 15 years and I still got nervous thinking about it. LOL
Great deserve a night of stitching!