Sunday, February 21, 2010

Design by M. Klewer finished!

My Lucia was completed last night. I did finally find the name of the designer, no 1st name listed. The design was done in 2003. I think I'll frame it and put it up next December rather than use it as a card.

My big question is what to start on next. My stash box is overflowing and it is such a hard decision. I'm contemplating starting a big project from Praiseworthy Stitches, The Skating Party. I love starting a new project, part of the fun is picking all the specifics. I always lean towards evenweve, but not too small.... maybe a 28 ct. I also love to use variegated threads, Gentle Arts are my favorite. They feel so smooth running through the evenweave! But with such a big project as this one, it may be too expensive. Check out the link to my future endeavor!

On a personal note, last night I spent some quality time with the little one. Her big sis and dad went to the Girl Scouts' Father/ Daughter Dance. Baby Girl and I don't get too much time just us, so we watched her favorite movie, Snow White, ate popcorn and colored together! A great time was had by all!  Until next time....


Elaine said...

Great finish and look foward to seeing the start on your new project

stitchinfiend said...

Lovely finish and what fun to spend time with your little one.