Monday, January 11, 2010

Frigid Temps should increase productivity?

So we are feeling the arctic blast in Austin as well. Friday we had a low of 18* F, this morning it is beginning to warm up....27* F.  This cold weather is unheard of in our part of Texas. I'm hoping it will decrease my mosquito population during our early summer....but I know not for long. All this cold air should increase my stitching productivity right? Well, you would think so but it just keeps the girls indoors for longer periods and they are more rambunctious when home. So I am posting my WIP, it is the SAL from The Thread Basket/ Jardin Prive. My fabric is a Christmas Green Joblean, 1st time to stitch on something so very dark. It has been a challenge! Enjoy the picture and you can check out more SAL pics at
BTW, still proud of our Horns! Hook 'em! 

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Xstitcher said...

ohhhh i love this! The pattern is awesome and your stitching is great! Thanks for sharing.