Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Mom of Two" accomplishes a goal!

We all have goals, do we not? I have many, the typical lose weight, have more patience with my children, keep the house cleaner, etc. This year I also decided I wanted to finish a part of my SAL on time. Now I didn't put it out there, maybe I should have? Anyway, I did it and during the shortest month of the year!!!  Having said that, Oakhaven's Monthly SAL appears to be an easy one. If anyone is interested you can see the Yahoo Group by clicking on the link.

Speaking of Owls, I have lost our resident in my owl box. It appears a squirrel has evicted it. After doing a little research this happens quite a lot if the owl is without young. Can you believe an owl was scared off by a squirrel??? So we evicted the pesky squirrel and covered the entrance this past week. I hope to take the cover off this week and attract another Screech Owl before they breed (March-April). Wish us luck!

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Elaine said...

Your SAL is so cute Nicola, I haven;t started Februarys yet.
Hope your Owl returns.

Astrid's dragon said...

I am really loving your owls, very cute!