Friday, June 25, 2010

TUSAL long overdo, progress and a hijacking!

Well this has been an interesting week! Shall I begin with the bad and progress?  Well my Yahoo email account was hacked this week. The hacker accessed my address book and sent spam re: a Canadian Pharmacy selling diet pills to about 150 different people. What have I learned?? 1) Change your password OFTEN! 2) Delete contacts that you don't plan on emailing. I tend to hold on to peoples addresses just in case I ever need to reach them (or for sentimental purposes). This was a mistake, so I cleaned up my address book and saved only needed individuals and even though it was hard threw away the rest!!!

TUSAL, well it is long over do. I planned to get it posted on the new moon this month but sometimes time just seems to slip by me. So instead I posted on a FULL MOON! Here in the states we say all "the crazies" come out on a full's wishing you a crazy free Friday!   
Well here is my progress on my SAL. As predicted I'm not far enough, PART 2 comes out today and there is still more work to be done. But, I am close! :) I love the variegated threads!  The letters are stitched with Gentle Arts thread, Red Plum. It is just so pleasing to look at and stitch with! I prefer to stitch on evenweave but none was available at my LNW shop in the color I wanted. So you're looking at linen...I think it will look nice once done! 
Hope a nice weekend is had my all. My next post will have pictures from South Padre Island. Wishing I wouldn't be in the car during the TEAM USA Soccer game! Cheers to all the Team USA and Team England Fans, wishing all luck!

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Kajsa said...

That's cute! I like the colors!

Elaine said...

Your SAL piece so pretty, just love the colours.
The World Cup is really hotting up now, my money is on Argentina.