Monday, June 21, 2010

Helga Mandl SAL Part 1, Sweetness and Ms. Hepburn!

So this weekend I have been busy partaking in Helga's 2010 SAL. Helga is a Croatian Designer that I first came across in reading The Gift of Stitching Magazine.  She is also the moderator of a Yahoo Group I belong to called wXSw (Wonderful Cross Stitch World). This happens to be the 1st SAL I have actually started on time! Lets see if I can keep up the pace. There will be a part one and two for a total of 2 weeks. As I don't have much time to stitch it will be a miracle if I finish with the group!

On a non-cross stitch note I have been reading a fabulous new book. I am almost done with The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. This happens to be his 1st novel and it is wonderfuly written. The stories heroine is pre-teen aspiring chemist who happens on a murder based in the 1950's in England. Flavia, the main character, is quite the mad scientist who tries to amuse herself by pranking her older sisters and shocking the township. Oh...and solve the murder her father is being blamed for. Already worth the $15 dollars spent at Barnes & Noble!

Yesterday I went downtown for a viewing of Breakfast at Tiffanys...which also included a martini and mini manicure! My nails look great...this will last until my next shift at the surgery center. The martini was great, cherries instead of an olive. The of the best ever made! How on earth was Audrey Hepburn so beautiful and enchanting? Has anyone read the book? I'm looking for a new read!

Until my post next week!

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Elaine said...

Looks like a really pretty SAL Nicola.
Your murder mystery sounds a good read.