Sunday, March 6, 2011

TUSAL update,Yellowstone and Whirlwinds

My life feels like a whirlwind! There seems to never be enough time in a day and the months are passing me by. Hence, the 3rd installment of my TUSAL. I decided to post my new book with it. I'm planning a trip to Yellowstone in July and trying to educate myself on important sites to see. The hard part is planned, lodging. I booked the lodges back in November and still could not get a night at Old Faithful Lodge. It is crazy how fast everything books inside Yellowstone!!
Other updates: 

a) I have a new Owl resident. her name is Sabrina McScreechy.  She is smaller than our last owl and keeps a bit of a different schedule. She seems to look out of her box in the early afternoon and then again in the evenings. She also has a trill that the other owl did not, the family has been enjoying our new "outside pet".

 b) My husband just got word that he is going back to Japan. I am so sad but trying to be happy that he has a job. He leaves in less than 2 weeks and we are trying to get some things done before he is gone. (like the taxes)

c) I spent most of the weekend in a cleaning frenzy. We are having our carpets upstairs cleaned in the morning. So I had to get most of the things off the floor and out of the way. Times like this is when I realize how much stuff we really have! Thank goodness the daycare is having a yard sale in two weeks!  On a stitching note, many hours spent organizing stash and more stash!  

Here's wishing you more hours in the day, time for Spring Cleaning and the ability to slow down your own whirlwind!

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Daffycat said...

A lovely ORT report!

I'd love to visit Yellowstone. My family teases me that I've already been mom was pregnant with me when they visited. So not fair!

Nicola said...

I can't wait, never been to a National Park! Hope the rest of the family enjoys it and can remember the trip also!

Stitching Noni said...

Hope you have a wonderful time in Yellowstone.

With the earthquake in Japan on Friday - I do hope that your husband is ok if he left already... If not, then hopefully he will get to stay home for awhile yet...