Thursday, July 29, 2010

Louise, my friend

Well, I have been missing in action lately. My original plan this morning was to post what I've been doing this July, but after a mid morning phone call I would like to introduce my readers to  Louise.

Louise was a wonderful friend of mine. She was my neighbor for many years. Louise lived across the street from my husband and I after we were 1st married. I always enjoyed her companionship and would often cross the street after work to check up on her. You see she was born in 1918, she passed last night at the young age of 92. 

Louise was a child of the Great Depression and she was smart as a whip. She had wonderful stories of her youth, stories of hardship and triumph. She was a twin and her mother had been left by their father. This caused her mom to separate the twin girls in order to provide for the babies. Louise was the luckier one who grew up with her mom, the sister lived in the country with her aunt. I always wondered if there were hard feelings between the sisters but was too scared to ask her. The sisters remained friends throughout their lifetimes, one a country girl and Louise, a city dweller.

Louise has been a widow since the mid 80s and finished her life in her home she purchased in the 1940's with her husband. She continued to drive up until last Christmas when she fell and broke her hip. Her many loves were traveling across country (via car) with her daughter, shrimp at Red Lobster, seeing her great granddaughter, Janie, going to exercise classes and attending mass on Saturday evenings. I hope visiting with me was as good for her as it was for me. She was a true joy in my life!

God granted me one last conversation with her yesterday just hours before she passed. She knew who I was but I knew she was confused at times. I wish I had gone to visit her instead of just calling. But I would have only called EMS and she would have hated to return to the hospital. So in the end she passed away in her husbands old chair with her daughter beside her. Could any of us ask for anything better?

Goodbye Louise, you were such a blessing to me! 

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