Monday, May 24, 2010

Pine Mountain Pull-out

So in the last week I have purchased materials to begin my stretching of my last finish. I plan to begin the process tomorrow. Hence no pictures of Babys World yet.

As a new project I have began a Pine Mountain Designs Pre-Sewn Pillow Kit. Has anyone done one of these? They are so very pretty and most of these are a month to month design. I purchased March because the colors match my comforter. I plan to change the words to state "Home" instead of March. Here is the picture the kit came with. Why you ask am I not showing you my work? Well....the pull out that is in progress. The instructions indicate please stitch with 3 ply floss....and I was not paying attention and stitched with 6 ply floss. Has anyone done this? It really looks very messy and way too thick. That's what I get for trying to stitch in the car again! :(

Maybe I'll have a new picture for you with my next TUSAL post. Until next time!       

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Elaine said...

Oh Nicola sorry you made a boo boo with your threads. I've never stitched a pine mountain design but they are all really pretty.